The builtin template function %title{} in beets has a number of issues. It tries to titlecase whatever the first character in the given string is, rendering results like this:

It's Raining Men (instrumental Version).flac

It’s using str.capwords under the hood:

string.capwords(s, sep=None) Split the argument into words using str.split(), capitalize each word using str.capitalize(), and join the capitalized words using str.join().

Let’s try to use str.title instead:

It'S Raining Men (Instrumental Version).flac

That’s even worse.

I found the titlecase python package that’s a conversion of the excellent perl script

Not only does it solve the issues mentioned above, it’s also clever about various corner cases, it does not titlecase small words like ‘a’, ‘and’, ‘for’ and so on as outlined in The New York Times Manual of Style.

I packaged this up in a simple beets plugin: beets-titlecase_proper.

But there’s more!

Sometimes there are acronyms that we do not want titlecased for one reason or another. You can add those words to ~/beets.titlecase and they will always be returned as-is. Check this out:

$ cd "Dj Tcp the Reckless │2021│ So Much Drama in the Phd [CDR, MP3]"
$ for w in TCP DJ PhD; do echo $w; done >> ~/.beets_titlecase
$ beet import .
$ beet ls -a 'so much drama' -f \$path
DJ TCP the Reckless │2021│ So Much Drama in the PhD [CDR, MP3]

Much cleaner, eh?

The post that started it all

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