I have a decently sized music collection and I use mpd and pimpd2 to enjoy it. I rarely use ncmpcpp myself, but I’ve found a very good use for it.

Autostart it when you start your screen session and forget about it:


screen -t nc ncmpcpp


lyrics_directory                            = ~/dev/lyrics/
follow_now_playing_lyrics                   = yes
store_lyrics_in_song_dir                    = no
fetch_lyrics_for_current_song_in_background = yes

Now, whenever a song change occurs in mpd, the lyrics is automatically fetched in the background.

Now we want a way to store the ever-expanding collection of lyrics and always keep it up to date. It’s all textual data so obviously we use git.


cd $HOME/dev/lyrics             &&
  git add .                     &&
  git commit -m 'update lyrics' && git push

and we stuff that in a crontab:

0 * * * * sh /home/scp1/dev/utils/lyrics_update

The update script will run once every hour.

As of this writing, I’ve collected a total of 510654 lines of lyrics and they can be digested here.