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I love xkcd; everybody does. What I don’t like is how you have to move the mouse cursor over the picture to see the hover text, which often is necessary for fully understanding the comic. Since I don’t use a mouse, for several reasons, I had to curl and grep; not very userfriendly, eh.


xkcd is a command-line interface to

View, download and enjoy comics straight from the comfortable shell. The mouse-over text is displayed when the image-viewing application exits for maximum amusement. Called with zero arguments, the latest xkcd comic is displayed. The -c flag takes an (preferably valid) integer that corresponds to that particular xkcd comic number. The - a flag only displays the mouse-over text, while the - d flag downloads the comic to location.

A typical run might look like this:

> xkcd
Latest XKCD:
 It is not our fault we caught a group on their way home from a geography bee.
 And they taught us that Uzbekistan is one of the worlds two doubly-landlocked

> xkcd -c 183 -a
 I am not making this rule up.
 Although my mom wants you all to know it made perfect sense at the time.

> xkcd -d .
  => ./world_according_to_americans.png

> xkcd -c 193 -d .
  => ./193-the_perfect_sound.png


For the ‘stable’ version:

cpan App::xkcd

or, for the development version:

cpan WWW::Mechanize
git clone git://
cd xkcd
perl Makefile.PL && make && su -c 'make install'


The Perl module WWW::Mechanize needs to be installed.

To view the xkcd comics in X, feh or display (from the ImageMagick suite) is also required.


    -c,   --comic     comic number
    -l,   --latest    show the latest xkcd comic
    -a,   --alt       show the 'mouse over' text
    -d,   --download  download the comic to DESTINATION

    -h,   --help      show the help and exit
    -v,   --version   show version info and exit
    -m,   --man       show the documentation and exit