A while back I made a quick hack in ack2 to make it use File::LsColor and LS_COLORS for colorizing the filenames instead of just Term::ANSIColor and the simple environment variable ACK_COLOR_FILENAME.

I figured it was pretty useful so I opened an issue over at ack3 requesting comments for the idea. Was it something anyone else would find useful?

At first, Andy Lester wasn’t to keen on the idea, but the discussion has continued and it seems he has changed his mind. I don’t agree on the way he wants to colorize filenames based on ack’s internal types (a great feature of the program!), but he wants to support LS_COLORS as well so it’s all good.

Implementing a first working draft in ack3 wasn’t too hard, and you can see the difference between plain old Term::ANSIColor and File::LsColor output here:


It will be exciting to see what will happen with this, in the meantime the code can be found over at github in the dircolors branch.